Saturday, 21 March 2015


Wow well whats new ??? we have just had mothers day here and I have been spoilt to the max with a lot of crafty goodies from partner and a watch and perfume from my lovely son, I feel very loved right now.
Looks like I will be very busy for awhile so may not port anything till I have a few projects to post,
so here goes with the haul piccies.............


well thank you for taking a peek projects to follow so huggles chickens :) xoxo

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lists Lists Lists

Well another day over and all Ive managed to do today is a few lists, I'm saying this like its simple when in fact Ive gone all thru the digi stamps I want by company and made a list of them all so I can tick them of when I buy them, am I making more work for myself probably as I have a feelin that before I even scratch the surface on getting these digis the designers would of made more Oh well (shoulder shrug) i will just have to add to the List lol.
So having done this all afternoon I havent really been able to get much crafting done, tomorrow is another day so hopefully that will change, well huggles my little blog followers........

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

smash at the beginning !!!!

Hiya chickens another post more smash book photos sorry to bore you all lol here goes yep more Saturated canary images, I have to say they were my first digi's but now i have more like SLINKY TART, THE EASTWIND, SIMPLY B STAMPS and so much MORE check them out over on facebook

Hope you have like my posts hopefully you will leave a comment good or bad as then I can learn from it...........Huggles chicken xx

First smash book 2012

Smash book ;- Hiya chickens back again with another oldie same smash book and more saturated images......... love them first digi's I brought, well here goes please feel free to leave a comment, join my blog or join by email I don't mind or even just have a look .

This image is cinderella from saturated canary

Sorry forgot to mention the images I have just posted were coloured with crayola pencils .....I NOW HAVE SPECTRUM NOIRS AND A FEW polychromo .....Huggles chickens 

Hiya Chickens, well what's been happening Ive just joined a new craft group and its very inspiring, I cant wait to get creative again but having to start my blog from scratch again I thought id post some oldies and see from them how I will improve !! and of course look at everyones beautiful creations......if you would like to join my blog theres to little red squares press that and hey presto chickies.
Right these pictures are from a home maid craft book i made please feel free to leave a comment even if its to say hi ..              

The images are saturated canary images and the craft group Ive just joined is on face book and its called creatively creative

Sunday, 22 February 2015

OMGosh blogged ages ago

Shocked is the word lol, as in the last time I blogged was in August 2014 whats happened since then well I have moved and got rid of all my craft stuff thinking I cant do it, but have now decided to craft again because my friends have told me that I am good at what I do so hopefully from here on in I will be blogging away.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The big C

Just wanted to let the people know that pass thru my blog, that I'm sorry I haven't made any posts lately I have just found out that my partner has prostate cancer and as a family we are trying to deal with this devastating news so please bare with me as I will still be trying to post every now and then
Huggles (Betty) nicke xxx